Poster for A Winter's Tale
Poster for Frankenstein
Poster for Monster Arts Project
Poster for Monster Arts Project II
Poster for {Pop-Up} R(e)volve
Poster for {Pop-Up} R(e)volve
Poster for {Pop-Up} R(e)volve
Poster for Madwoman of Chaillot
Poster for La Boheme

I have over 18 years experience working with Photoshop, Illustrator and other tools to create visually appealing signs, posters, graphics, etc. I have been doing almost all of the posters for Eggtooth Productions (formally known as Old Deerfield Productions), and 100% of the graphics for AVDesign. When approaching a design piece I choose to look at it like a piece of artwork, and utilize my photographic and illustration skills to create something eye catching as well as informative. In addition, because I do large format printing, I can print large water and tear proof posters for customers to be used outdoors.

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