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For as long as I can remember, art has been paramount in my life. Ever since I was able to hold a pencil, I have been drawing, constantly, and daily. When I first got into photography in high school in the 1990s I found another love, photography opened up some new ideas, and I loved the chemical and scientific aspect of it, as science has always been my second love after art. Photography, Illustration, and even sculpture, have been constant in some aspect of my life ever since. In 2013 I quit my job managing a photography printing and processing lab, and ventured out into the world of working for myself. For too long I had worked in positions where my talent either lay stagnant or was underappreciated. Ever since then I have been striving to make art my life, and my business. I take serious value in working with other people when making high quality archival prints for them; giving them the same attention to detail I would if it was my own art. It’s this aspect that gives me a push over some other printing labs in the area. When shooting with cameras, either film or digital, I strive to create a connection between myself in the subject, be it living or inanimate. I’m not one to fire off a bunch of shots and hope for the best. When I sit with a stylus of some sort to draw, I often start with the eyes, and go from there, working the creature (be it real or imaginary) as if it was alive in front of me. I continue to daily affirm my connection to my art, and hope to continue this journey the rest of my life. My hope is that viewers of my work are transfixed, intrigued, interested, and excited by the art. I love to be able to make connections from my imagination to the minds of strangers, and is something I always think of when creating new work. Although not classically trained, I am the embodiment of the word “autodidact”, and I take pride in being able to come up with new ideas, techniques, and applications in my mind. Recently, with Monster Arts Project, I have also worked into the world of curation, and have greatly enjoyed creating scenes in which artwork can live, deviating from the classic art on plain white wall. I like to believe that I have an unusually rich and complex imagination, and as I draw near to my 40th birthday, I want to help that imagination grow and grow into something amazing. If you have further questions, please feel free to click the Contact Link at the top of the page.

Email:                                   Phone:  123-456-7890

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