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The Mystery
The Struggle
The Nightmare
The Ascent
The Burial
The Fight
The Murder
The Binding
The Conquest
The Interrogation
The Gamble
The Autopsy
The Meal
The Hope
The Homecoming
The Martyr
The Deity
The Rebirth
The Entomologist
The Explorer
The Inquiry
The Breakthrough
The Pull
The Tempest
The Imprisoning
The Magician
The Traveler
The Preservation
The Harvest
The Ringleader
The Balance
The Captive
The Chase
The Plunge
The Game
The Water-bearer
The Guest
The Release
The Escape
The Farmer
The Suspension
The Resolution
The Woodworker
The Prisoner
The Linger
The Dandy
The Stag
The Butcher
The Train
The Saviour
The Package
The Victim
The Adventure
The News
The Photographer
The Writer
The Climb

I have recently been interested in working with more portraiture. Finding myself as the easiest, and obviously most available subject. My goal is to create images that swim with a certain mood. Dark and stormy, with rich colors popping out, playing with light to invoke a introspective and thought provoking mood. I like to harken back to periods between the turn of the century and the 1930s. A time of darkness but also light. I enjoy playing with the thematics in order to create an overall thematic aspect to the photos. As I delve further into this process I want to open it up to photographing more than myself. If you have any interest in modeling for similar photos, please visit my contact page.


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