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List of Services and More

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All prints are fully Archival

Epson Ultra Premium Luster $12 a square foot

Epson Ultra Premium Semi Matte $12 a square foot

Epson Cold Press Bright $15 a square foot

Hahnemühle German Etching ¢15 a square foot

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 188gsm $12 a square foot

Canon Polypropylene $7 a square foot

Graphic Design

Graphic Design work is $50 an hour, including consultation, there is a $50 minimum on all orders. Price does not include prints. Design includes, but is not limited to, poster, web, signage, business cards, flyers, postcards, etc. If the client wants photos to be taken to be included in the work, see Photography services

Photography Services

Specializing in candid shots at weddings, parties, fundraisers. As well as theatrical shoots, portrait work, head shots, etc. Photography services are $50 an hour, including any travel time. Post production work is also $50 an hour. I will provide at least 100 shots to choose from (more depending on the situation), there is a total $100 minimum for any photography job. Prints are not included in this price, see Printing for prices. Package deals for printing are available, inquire for further details


Illustration jobs are particular to the order. There is a minimum of $50 for custom work. I have drawn for ads, signs, logos, flyers, and children's books. Please inquire for further details and information.

Digital Restoration

If you have old photographs that are in bad shape, or have digital images you need altered, I can do both. There is a minimum $25 charge for these orders, price goes up depending on complexity of the order. Print costs are not included.

Film Scanning

I can scan any size film from 35mm to 8x10 negatives and positives. 35mm film & medium format film is a minimum of $5 per scan for basic resolution. Large format film is a minimum of $8 per scan for basic resolution. Price breaks available for larger quantities. Higher res scans go up in price, I can scan up to 6400dpi.

Prints from Images seen on this Website

Any of the images seen on this website (except event and portraiture photos) can be ordered. Prints can be made from 8" to 30" width on almost all of them, inquire for more info and be sure to include the title and location of the image on the site


If you are interested in participating in the Monster Arts Project, or have questions or comments regarding the project, either contact me through the Facebook site, or message me using this form.

Email:                                   Phone:  123-456-7890

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