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Monster Arts Project

I created the Monster Arts Project in 2015 to help curate fine art monsters. The idea came about me due to my lifelong love of imaginary creatures, and a desire to give them a proper platform to be exhibited. The first Monster Arts Project was exhibited in October of 2015 in the MAP space in Eastworks, a space co-owned by both Eastworks and Easthampton City Arts. I took on the persona of Professor Sluaghan Norseman Tomlinson, professor of Monsterology at the Monsterological Institute of the Outer Hebrides. Professor S.N. Tomlinson brought together 14 artists working in a variety of mediums along with props, furniture, and ambiance to give the gallery a feel of a Victorian study. This past October Monster Arts Project returned to the MAP space with 18 artists and brought the gallery into a feeling of a 1920s lounge. I plan on continuing the Monster Arts Project into the foreseeable future, with more shows, and more events. Continuing the idea of monsters and imaginary creatures as objects of fine art. Monsters are something deep in the human psyche, since the beginning of human history, we have been using our imagination to create fantastical creatures, I want to showcase how deep those roots run in our imagination, even in this modern age. My hope is to get more and more people involved in the project, and to eventually have a huge fan base for the project, as well as even more artists involved in it. For further information on the project, click on the links below:

Monster Arts Project Facebook Page

Write up in Preview Massachusetts Magazine

Write up on MassLive

Email:                                   Phone:  123-456-7890

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