Critically Endangered
Female Salticid
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Cicada Killer
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Mud Dauber Mom

Entomology has been a part of my life since I was a very small child, in fact I can not remember a time where I was not interested in both art and entomology! I started coming up with these comics as a blend of the two, and also to enter into the SciComm world. I want to share my knowledge of the insect world with others in a fun and enjoyable way! All of these comics have basis in real life, which is part of the fun of them, of course they also have a good deal of dark humor! Check out the Facebook Page for these comics and more!

Bugs, Uncensored! 

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Critically Endangered

Entomological basis for the comic: Apis mellifera, the Western honeybee, is not native to the United States or in fact most of the planet, but they are a hugely economically valuable farmed species, so they are everywhere! In the US alone there are around 3 million hives registered with the USDA, with 20-80,000 members per hive, the species is in no way in trouble. But Bombus affinis is now listed by the IUCN as critically endangered!