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How to Deal with Pests
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Entomology has been a part of my life since I was a very small child, in fact I can not remember a time where I was not interested in both art and entomology! I started coming up with these comics as a blend of the two, and also to enter into the SciComm world. I want to share my knowledge of the insect world with others in a fun and enjoyable way! All of these comics have basis in real life, which is part of the fun of them, of course they also have a good deal of dark humor! Check out the Facebook Page for these comics and more!

Bugs, Uncensored! 

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How to Deal with Pests

Entomological basis for the comic: Scolia dubia is a North American species of Scoliid wasp. These wasps are nectar feeders as adults, but the female will lay her eggs on the larvae of various scarab beetles, including the invasive Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica. The wasp larvae will then consume their host from the inside, pupating inside the husk of the body after.